You've got this and we've got you. 

Our mission has always been to empower those who make change. We believe that stressful times like these are precisely when nonprofit organizations need additional support. We’ve pulled together a collection of online resources that offer valuable guidance on navigating the current times.

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Nonprofit Resources


Now through July 1 we are giving a free access pass to our valuable e-learning library. This is our effort to ensure your organization can continue effectively using Omatic products to support its mission. You’ll be able to access, without charge, a wealth of training videos that can sharpen your skill set and increase your efficiency.

If you’d like to gain access, please first register for a user account on our website and then email


In case you missed it, we recently hosted a Coffee Talk Webinar - Put a Boost In Your Nonprofit. Listen to this 20-minute virtual coffee talk where we share the top five of the most innovative and exciting actions clients have taken to keep their supporters engaged. 

In it Together

Here are some additional valuable resources from some of our partners. 

Want to share resources? 

If you have something you think might benefit other members of the Omatic family, please email with a brief description of the resource you would recommend, including a URL if relevant. 

Interested in Sharing Your Story?  

We'd love to hear how your organization is managing during this current crisis. What have you done differently? We know this has sparked some new ideas! We'd also like to help share your efforts over social media, so please get in touch and share your story.